Friday, July 9, 2010

I am Back!!

Hi all,

Did you all missed me, because i really really missed you al.. But my vacation was wonderfull, i had the best time ever really.. But i had made cute en to many picture to let you all see how my vacation was and to tell you all what i did. 

i just want to say, what i am gone do this week with the blog. 

First i am gone let you all see my picture( i have to sort theme out, you know the cute one's and not the one's where i am loooking like a monster hahahah)

My give away..
it's gone be a maroccon theme, i think you all gone love it, i hope so.. I have bought all of the products in marocco. 

Check the blog out this week..

I also want to say to al my penpals thanks for your sweet letters, when i came home for my vacation there whas a lot of letters for me, i whas totally happy because i was tired and i really want to come back home.. But when i read everything i totally made me happy thank you all..

Now i am gone sleep a little bit, i just mis one day sleep.. 

Love you all and untill next time



  1. Oh my you went to Morocco!? I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go there. I can't wait for your giveaway, I love anything Moroccan!

    Glad to have you back samie! Missed you <3 xo

  2. oh sal,

    I missed you to, just keeping up with you blog, love love you cake and i am glad somebody tweet you, and no you are still blogging. You can't stop doing it oke.. I love your blog:)

  3. Welcome Back! I can't wait to see your photographs from Morocco, I bet they are just beautiful.