Sunday, July 18, 2010

New online Class

Hi all,

How are you, hope you are all fine.. I just had a busy week. With work and with Delicious Treats. Now i am having a lazy sunday (i mean i deservie one right??). Just want to let you all now. That there are a cute new online class.

And also the HTML Yourself' a guide do customizing your own blog! you can read all about it here

Like the home Ec you can read all about it at here

I think i am gone follow this two online class, i always want to learn how to sew and with this class i think i am gone learn it:). And it's always good to know about html, i had it at school but i doesn't want to stick in my head hahaha so hopefully with this class it will:).

I hope i will see all of you at the online class..

Have a lazy and a wonderful sunday:)


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