Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look what i got:)

Hi all,

How are you all, hope fine. Here in holland the weather is very sunny, but totally hot.. I just got the day off  from work but i tomorrow until friday i have to work, really don't want to because at the shop it gets very hot, the aircondition doesn't work very good. So it will be a busy, hot and sweaty week hihihi..

But today i got the sweet's package ever. You all know about my dear friend cassandra

She went to scotland to lochriver, to work there at a B&B. And she send me the cutes package ever.

Look with al the cute candy from scotlanl, and look at the cookie with his little kilt:D hahahah LOL. She also send me a card, she told me i have to share all this candy with my sisters, but i think i am gone eat it all by myself hihihihi. I really miss here but she will be back in august so i cant wait to see here heheheh..

I also want to apologize to you my sweet follower, because i said i am gone put all my vacation photo's online and also the giveaway. Really SORRY i whas totally busy with work, so i didn't had any time to begin but i promise next week, the photo's will be online and also the giveaway can't wait to let you all see it:). So again SORRY!!

I hope you had a nice tuesday and hope to talk to you all soon..



  1. Hallo Samia,

    je bedeltjes zijn erg leuk.
    en wat een gezellig blog.

    Ada en Marijke

  2. Aren't treats from other countries always so cute! I bet they are a great inspiration for you!!