Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am off!!

Hi friends,

Just packed my suitcase

(to bad i don't have a suitcase just like this)

Going to the airport in about an hour.

And then hope to see, this when i wake up after an 3 hours sleep on the airplane:)

Just want to let you know my sweet followers that:

But i will be back at 8 july to tell all of you my adventures and 
ofcourse to started the giveaway

Talk to you all soon..


  1. Have fun! I am very lazy and I apologize, but I am going to write your letter this week, I had a busy birthday week but now I am back on the pen pal wagon and yours will be the first written.

  2. aww have a sweet time samie! Come back soon with lotsa pics! xo

  3. Hi Samia!

    Funny, I snagged that suitcase photo as well.. love the colors!

    Have fun!

  4. I just sent your letter so it will be waiting for you when you return!
    Have an AMAZING time in Morocco!

  5. Aww, you have a really cute blog :) & your little doughnut earrings are adorable! :)

  6. Already a dead cute blog, i like :3
    Becca ♥ x