Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BBQ at my brothers house

Hi all,

How are you? hope everything is fine and wonderful. I am totally happy because the weather here in holland is getting warmer and warmer, Only today it whas a raining day. I stayed at home with friends. But last weekend i went to my brothers house and we had a big BBQ with family. It whas so nice to see everybody again and to play with my little niece and here cat.
And in the next weekend we will have a second BBQ because it will be the birthday of my little niece, she will be eleven. The time flies so fast, it's like yesterday when she whas born, or when she first slept over and whas scared to stay alone with us ( so cute). And know she is a big girl, want's to wear the same thing like here aunts. And she always ask me why i wear my scarf, and give me compliments when i get ready to go out. Really love here. 

Let's started our BBQ for the people who love meat hihihi. (i only eat chicken)

Doesn't it look wonderfull

Let's dig in

hmmm it whas yummy yummy delicious (just like dora)

Some maroccon tea after our meal

The cat also need a dessert ;)

My Beautiful Niece


There will be a giveaway to welcome al my followers only i will go on vacation at 20 june. When i will get back at 8 july i will started my giveaway. I want to get something cute in marocco for the giveaway, it's still a suprise. Please be patience:)

Hope you al had a wonderful tuesday :)



  1. Hi!
    i just tried to post your button my blog, for my sponsor section.
    Only the code came up though, so I think there is some kind of glitch or something.
    If you could check it, and see if it works for you, that would be great. Let me know, and I will definitely post your button later!
    have a great day,
    taylah xo

  2. Hi Samia!
    I'm glad you got my letter. I didn't see your address on the pen pal addresses, or I would have written to you sooner! I hope we can be great pen pals!


  3. Hoi Samia,
    Heerlijk, ik ben ook gek op bbq.
    Groet, Helmi