Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who is Delicious Treats part one

Hi lovers;)

How are you?, today whas for me a busy one, i had to work from 9 until 6, and then went to my little niece birthday no i am back and want to leave a post about my Delicious Treats product's.

I thought this is a blog about my adventures and also about Delicious Treats. But i think that you don't know what Delicious Treats is. So let me tell you a little story about my sweet little indie biz Delicious treats.

I started my indie biz in the year 2009, first it started it with a friend of my but that didn't work and after 3 weeks we had a biz divorce ;) hahaha. After 7 years of friendship we had our first fight ever, we didn;t talk to each other in 5 month, but now we have work it out as friends but we are not running the same biz anymore.

The products that i make first it started as a hobby, but when much friends really like and love my stuff, i thougt it will be fun to see if other people also like the product that i make. I first started a page at hyve's (that's a website just like facebook but only in dutch). First it whas only charms that i made and then i started to make jewerly out of them.

There where a couple of store's that wan to sell my products, so i made a few product so they can sell it.  
At the same time i joined the indie biz class, to see what i can learn about starting a indie biz. During this class i learned great things and also come across of great new friends and penpals. In this month i whas starting my exam's for graphic Designer (in part two i will tell you about my exam's and exposition). 

The product's that i made whas at first not selling great, because customers at the store like it but didn't buy it. After a month or two the customers were buying my products, i had to make new things, what whas for me a good thing, and i whas also very happy that the owner of the shop didn't wait a month to see if the products whas selling. Now i am having new fans who love's my work and i hope to find some more. 

I am now creating new stuff for my biz. i also am busy for a website and finding new people who want's to sell my products at there store. ( if you know somebody please let me know;) hihi). 

Summer collection 2010

If you want to see more stuff visit my page at

For part two i am gone tell you about my other adventure School exams and my exposition. And what i am gone do know i am finished with school.

I hope you all now knowing a little about me. And i really want to know all about you, just leave me a comment about who you are and what you do? and if you have any questions please ask.

Hope you all have a great weekend, i think i will:)



  1. aww they are all so pretty samia! i got your letter and I love love love the cupcake brooch you made me...and it's in my favourite colour too! Your letter's coming soon, been busy with house moving so hopefully I will post it next week. xoSal

  2. Those ARE delicious treats! They look so realistic...makes me want to take a bite :)

    Sorry to hear about your biz fight with your friend... sometimes I wonder if it will be a good thing to collaborate business wise with a good friend. A true test of friendship!


  3. such cute pieces! hope you are enjoying your weekend! xo natalea

  4. They are so cute and creative!

  5. Wow, your work is so pretty. It certainly looks very delicious!