Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've been featured at mygirlthursday

Hi all,

Just want you all to know that i am been featured at my blogfriend Chantilly McKinnon of mygirlthursday. If you al want to read about it check it out here.

Oke my photo is a little bit of blury but that's my mistake, i send here a photo with a low resulotion. So oeps but i hope you like it and just leave a comment at here blog;). We all need some blogloving, don't you think?

Hope to hear from you soon..


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look what i got:)

Hi all,

How are you all, hope fine. Here in holland the weather is very sunny, but totally hot.. I just got the day off  from work but i tomorrow until friday i have to work, really don't want to because at the shop it gets very hot, the aircondition doesn't work very good. So it will be a busy, hot and sweaty week hihihi..

But today i got the sweet's package ever. You all know about my dear friend cassandra

She went to scotland to lochriver, to work there at a B&B. And she send me the cutes package ever.

Look with al the cute candy from scotlanl, and look at the cookie with his little kilt:D hahahah LOL. She also send me a card, she told me i have to share all this candy with my sisters, but i think i am gone eat it all by myself hihihihi. I really miss here but she will be back in august so i cant wait to see here heheheh..

I also want to apologize to you my sweet follower, because i said i am gone put all my vacation photo's online and also the giveaway. Really SORRY i whas totally busy with work, so i didn't had any time to begin but i promise next week, the photo's will be online and also the giveaway can't wait to let you all see it:). So again SORRY!!

I hope you had a nice tuesday and hope to talk to you all soon..


Sunday, July 18, 2010

New online Class

Hi all,

How are you, hope you are all fine.. I just had a busy week. With work and with Delicious Treats. Now i am having a lazy sunday (i mean i deservie one right??). Just want to let you all now. That there are a cute new online class.

And also the HTML Yourself' a guide do customizing your own blog! you can read all about it here

Like the home Ec you can read all about it at here

I think i am gone follow this two online class, i always want to learn how to sew and with this class i think i am gone learn it:). And it's always good to know about html, i had it at school but i doesn't want to stick in my head hahaha so hopefully with this class it will:).

I hope i will see all of you at the online class..

Have a lazy and a wonderful sunday:)


Friday, July 9, 2010

I am Back!!

Hi all,

Did you all missed me, because i really really missed you al.. But my vacation was wonderfull, i had the best time ever really.. But i had made cute en to many picture to let you all see how my vacation was and to tell you all what i did. 

i just want to say, what i am gone do this week with the blog. 

First i am gone let you all see my picture( i have to sort theme out, you know the cute one's and not the one's where i am loooking like a monster hahahah)

My give away..
it's gone be a maroccon theme, i think you all gone love it, i hope so.. I have bought all of the products in marocco. 

Check the blog out this week..

I also want to say to al my penpals thanks for your sweet letters, when i came home for my vacation there whas a lot of letters for me, i whas totally happy because i was tired and i really want to come back home.. But when i read everything i totally made me happy thank you all..

Now i am gone sleep a little bit, i just mis one day sleep.. 

Love you all and untill next time