Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am off!!

Hi friends,

Just packed my suitcase

(to bad i don't have a suitcase just like this)

Going to the airport in about an hour.

And then hope to see, this when i wake up after an 3 hours sleep on the airplane:)

Just want to let you know my sweet followers that:

But i will be back at 8 july to tell all of you my adventures and 
ofcourse to started the giveaway

Talk to you all soon..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who is Delicious Treats part one

Hi lovers;)

How are you?, today whas for me a busy one, i had to work from 9 until 6, and then went to my little niece birthday no i am back and want to leave a post about my Delicious Treats product's.

I thought this is a blog about my adventures and also about Delicious Treats. But i think that you don't know what Delicious Treats is. So let me tell you a little story about my sweet little indie biz Delicious treats.

I started my indie biz in the year 2009, first it started it with a friend of my but that didn't work and after 3 weeks we had a biz divorce ;) hahaha. After 7 years of friendship we had our first fight ever, we didn;t talk to each other in 5 month, but now we have work it out as friends but we are not running the same biz anymore.

The products that i make first it started as a hobby, but when much friends really like and love my stuff, i thougt it will be fun to see if other people also like the product that i make. I first started a page at hyve's (that's a website just like facebook but only in dutch). First it whas only charms that i made and then i started to make jewerly out of them.

There where a couple of store's that wan to sell my products, so i made a few product so they can sell it.  
At the same time i joined the indie biz class, to see what i can learn about starting a indie biz. During this class i learned great things and also come across of great new friends and penpals. In this month i whas starting my exam's for graphic Designer (in part two i will tell you about my exam's and exposition). 

The product's that i made whas at first not selling great, because customers at the store like it but didn't buy it. After a month or two the customers were buying my products, i had to make new things, what whas for me a good thing, and i whas also very happy that the owner of the shop didn't wait a month to see if the products whas selling. Now i am having new fans who love's my work and i hope to find some more. 

I am now creating new stuff for my biz. i also am busy for a website and finding new people who want's to sell my products at there store. ( if you know somebody please let me know;) hihi). 

Summer collection 2010

If you want to see more stuff visit my page at

For part two i am gone tell you about my other adventure School exams and my exposition. And what i am gone do know i am finished with school.

I hope you all now knowing a little about me. And i really want to know all about you, just leave me a comment about who you are and what you do? and if you have any questions please ask.

Hope you all have a great weekend, i think i will:)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BBQ at my brothers house

Hi all,

How are you? hope everything is fine and wonderful. I am totally happy because the weather here in holland is getting warmer and warmer, Only today it whas a raining day. I stayed at home with friends. But last weekend i went to my brothers house and we had a big BBQ with family. It whas so nice to see everybody again and to play with my little niece and here cat.
And in the next weekend we will have a second BBQ because it will be the birthday of my little niece, she will be eleven. The time flies so fast, it's like yesterday when she whas born, or when she first slept over and whas scared to stay alone with us ( so cute). And know she is a big girl, want's to wear the same thing like here aunts. And she always ask me why i wear my scarf, and give me compliments when i get ready to go out. Really love here. 

Let's started our BBQ for the people who love meat hihihi. (i only eat chicken)

Doesn't it look wonderfull

Let's dig in

hmmm it whas yummy yummy delicious (just like dora)

Some maroccon tea after our meal

The cat also need a dessert ;)

My Beautiful Niece


There will be a giveaway to welcome al my followers only i will go on vacation at 20 june. When i will get back at 8 july i will started my giveaway. I want to get something cute in marocco for the giveaway, it's still a suprise. Please be patience:)

Hope you al had a wonderful tuesday :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny Thursday

Hi love,

First of all i want to say hello to my new followers, thanks for following my blog i really appreciate it. I hope you all will love reading the blog, like i love to wright it. It's al new for me the blogging. I found it so difficult for me to put my thoughts on paper especially in english. It's not my first language so i just want to sorry if my grammar is just like a first grad hahah. I hope in time it will be easy for me. 

Let me tell you all about my day. Finally after weeks of cold and raining day's the sun whas shinning and it whas warm. And what do you do when the sun is shinning? you go get some drinks with your friends. 

My cute friend cassandra. Really love here..

My other friend cynthia, she like's to make funny a little bit scary faces hahah.

After drinks we really want to get something sweet.  So up to a diffirent cafe to eat some carot cake (really really love this carot cake) and  a coffee late ( well i really love milk with a drop of coffee hahah)

Cassie really love's here smoothie:)

How do you all like your coffee or smoothie:)

I hope you all had a wonderful thursday, and again thanks for all your comments:) and see you al tomorrow..


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lovely Thusday

Hi love,

Today i whas finishing a order for my mentor from school, and for other customers. My mentor she order some donut's for a ring, necklace and also 
earpieces and a cute bonbon with a bite. 
Really love it:)

I also love to package everyting in cute wrapping paper and using deco tape. This time i use the color pink and green 

For a school assignment i made stickers with my logo. Now i use it for my packaging. Isn't it cute eeek!!!

I really want my customors feel like there receiving a treat, when they are ordering at my shop, that's why i love to wrape it in colourful papier and wright handmade note's. I hope my mentor love the things i made for here. Can't wait to send it to here:)

How whas your thusday??

Talk to you soon